An excellent Chechen opposition journalist, Tumso Abdurakhmanov, informed reporters he had been family members that have Khazueva’s sister

An excellent Chechen opposition journalist, Tumso Abdurakhmanov, informed reporters he had been family members that have Khazueva’s sister

The guy together with affirmed that she and you can Ramzan try married. After it first started their relationship, the guy remembers, her brother started to score steeped, updating from a cheap Russian Lada in order to a Porsche Cayenne. (Abdurakhmanov after fled the world after are focused by Kadyrov’s partners.)

In addition, journalists found that Kadyrov’s spending on 1st several spouses far is higher than their certified earnings: The worth of their real estate by yourself, at the very least $8 mil, is over double their complete .

Along side Sunzha Lake

Into the Grozny there’s visible proof the connection: Khazueva’s residence stands directly contrary Kadyrov’s performing house regarding heart of your own city. To your convenience and you will cover of your own republic’s chief, the class of the river Sunzha are redirected so Kadyrov’s home today really stands to the an island, surrounded by good moat.

Correct across the out-of one residence, on the other side of one’s river, really stands the true luxury residence out of almost 1,500 square meters, produced in the new late 2000s, you to homes ideas show now belongs to Khazueva. They lies for the almost a beneficial hectare regarding home and you may boasts an outside swimming pool, an unusual amenity in Grozny.

The fresh new groups of several of Chechnya’s most noticeable management plus very own characteristics in the neighborhood, for instance the chairman of your own republic’s parliament. It’s a limited town: A newbie journalist who videotaped several avenue there can be has just sentenced so you’re able to few years in the a prison nest.

Kadyrov’s second partner likewise has a place to stay for the Moscow, which have around three leases inserted in her own name. Are located in the fresh new flat structures within the a beneficial neighborhoods; their total worth concerns $5 million.

Khazuyeva has a couple vehicle parking places inside an apartment building towards Moscow’s Mosfilmovskaya Highway. She doesn’t always have a flat truth be told there, but 1st wife, Medni, really does.

??One Partner, One or two Brands

With regards to the data files, Fatima ordered the latest vehicle parking spaces regarding a certain Medni Musayevna Musayeva, out-of whom she together with obtained among the Moscow renting. Musayeva’s title and you will patronymic are identical due to the fact Medni Musayevna Kadyrova, Kadyrov’s authoritative wife. “Musayeva” and you will “Kadyrova” likewise have a comparable time of beginning: September 29, 1978. (That isn’t this lady in public areas identified birthday, however it is one which seems within her documents.)

The fresh intersections you should never avoid around. A portion away from an excellent Moscow apartment of the Kadyrov relatives was inserted about term from Medni Musayeva, and never Medni Kadyrova, because the could have been expected.

Musayeva isn’t Kadyrova’s maiden name, which was Aidamirova. But there is without doubt one to each other brands relate to a comparable woman: Reporters unearthed that Musayeva’s passport includes a photograph out of Kadyrova.

Kadyrov’s wife appears to fool around with one another identities. Eg, “Medni Kadyrova” and you will “Medni Musaeva” own surrounding leases in the an apartment building on Mosfilmovskaya Street during the Moscow. The property value both of these leases concerns $step three million. The main one joined to help you Medni Kadyrova is mirrored within her husband’s asset declarations, however the one to inserted so you can Medni Musaeva is not.

Brand new Kadyrov Basis

Chechnya is one of the poorest aspects of Russia. Yet the Moscow characteristics entered to help you Fatima and a couple Mednis can be worth from the $8 million, or higher than simply twice as much since the overall income Kadyrov provides . There’s also Kadyrov’s luxury personal quarters when you look at the Grozny, Fatima’s regional residence, plus – the value of which is difficult also so you’re able to guess, due to the fact qualities was novel. The fresh Chechen leader is also recognized for their habit of waste cash in societal and also for giving lavish gifts. Where really does the bucks are from?

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