Finally, there’s a toys section which opens up into a full e-commerce sex toys shop

Finally, there’s a toys section which opens up into a full e-commerce sex toys shop

To discover others, the most straightforward path is site search. The search option is displayed on the Collarspace homepage below a feature profile, that rotates with each page load. Search by the basics such as gender, age range, and ethnicity, as well as some filters that are custom made for the site including orientation (Slaves, Switches, Submissives, or Dominants); what relationship or activity you are seeking, which can be anything from Friends Only to A Poly Household; or by keyword, which can be any type of fetish or sexual term. Search results are listed without pictures, but rather by username, age, location, and the user’s last login. A generic photo icon is displayed next to the username to indicate that user does have a profile picture. Open up any user profile from the search results page by clicking on their username, and their profile will load on the top of the page with your remaining search results below it.

From each profile discovered on the dating site, you can view that user’s additional photos (if available), listen to any audio uploaded, view any videos uploaded, and read any journals created. You can also view that user’s forum posts, add that user to your favorites list, invite the user to be your friend, email the profile to yourself, send photos, view their sexual interests (sorted by what they love, like, and hard limits), write a personal note to yourself to be saved with that user profile, or send a “quick note” to the user.

Beyond search, there are various other community-oriented ways to discover users, including browsing message boards, video journals, audio journals, or photos, visiting video chat rooms or regular text chat rooms; or viewing newest local members, or viewing featured photos, the latter of which are more often than not a selfie with the member holding a piece of paper that says their username and something suggestive. You can also view activity taken on your profile to find others, such as by heading to the Who’s Viewing Me? section or clicking on Admirers to see who has added you to their favorite list. At any time, you can also browse through your friends or favorites list, and read any messages you have received.

The entire site is unfiltered, so you’ll quickly see sexually explicit content in many of the sections you navigate to, including your homepage. The site also features a live video section, displaying live webcam videos of others, which whom you s. Without registration there’s a selection of videos that are still free to view, however to see nude or genre-specific videos you’ll need a cams account.

Key Features

  • Sex-based search options, such as search by sexual role preference and sexual interests
  • Transparent profiles display which sexual activities are loved and liked, as well as hard limits
  • Multiple journal creation options, including video and audio
  • Ability to save personal notes about profiles for your own reference
  • Option to send pictures rather than just messages
  • Ability to see who has viewed your profile
  • Extensive message board with active users

Safety & Security

Any information and media provided to Collarspace should be immediately considered open to the public, so you’ll want to think twice about what you’re posting. Remember, this is a public-facing community site that does not require an account to access. The site takes steps to ensure you maintain your privacy with usernames, but acknowledges no platform is 100% safe from hackers and other cyber threats. Read more about Collarspace safety and security in the Privacy Policy.

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