I wonder how much this campaign is costing us, the taxpayers

I wonder how much this campaign is costing us, the taxpayers

It only gets more troublesome and expensive for us when you factor in Ezra LeRant’s attacks on the CBC. Gee whiz, the destruction of Canada is costing us termites a pile of money. Normally when an execution takes place the state pays the bill. But in this case Canadians themselves are having to come good for the chopping block, axe, executioner and the cleanup of the bloody mess after the event. Many great empires have come and gone. Their demise has had a common thread, a corrupt or incompetent leadership and a docile population. The evil trio has got you pegged for patsies and so far I can’t argue with their assessment. Pierre has just announced the launch of 4 NEW FREE COMMUNITY PAPERS IN OTTAWA, WINDSOR, KITCHENER – WATERLOO AND GUELPH.

Well it is not quite true but Sun Enterprises has a history of tooting its’ own horn to the skies when a whisper would be quite sufficient. The 4 locations already have Can. Tire type flyers printed by the Sun. Now Peladeau is going to include right wing editorial content in these flyers. Why waste such an opportunity, to spread right wing propaganda, nobody should be missed? Someday it will be important to know what cattle trains we are catching. Hitler could only dream about such blanket press coverage. Did you know that the Republicans were taking money from the Nazis during the middle 1930s with a view to undermining FDR and keeping the USA out of the coming war.

Patting one’s self on the back seldom works out

Has anyone ever been able to suck and blow at the same time? Sounds like the old 12 in a box story to me. The product [ Sun ] stays at the old price while the quality goes down. You get 12 twinkies in a box. Then there are only eleven but the price stays the same. Then the are ten, then 9 and so on. Eventually the firm sends a letter to customers. It goes like this. Since all we are selling you now is an empty box, it is such a waste. The box will be discontinued but we still expect you to send in your money.

With all of the upbeat claims of success coming from Pierre, he recently told his shareholders that the cutting of jobs at the Sun will save $ 20 million

Peladeau is going to find out his business model is flawed. Sun Enterprise was left to Pierre by his father. There is an old saying, the way to make a small fortune is to start with a big one. Peladeau is slow witted and has too much money and time on his hands. The present spectacle is not surprising to me. I am 50 year businessman, I never went broke and never stole from anyone. I admire real entrepreneurs and creative people. The likes of Peladeau and Conrad Black lie, steal and cheat to make their way. In life there are no bus rides to get you from start to the finish line in a marathon. It is important in navigating a successful journey which we all must travel to know the ancient past, the recent past, current happenings and if fortunate to get a peek at the future.

In the old days the press used to do this. Now North American society is stalled, in the dark and on hold. An example of my suggestion might be, when Herr Harper made his first public appearance 30 years ago sitting on Pastor Mannings knee parroting lies. Harper is a media construct, he has always made good copy and https://maxloan.org/payday-loans-ms/ as such was never challenged as to the truth [ ancient past ]. Scot, Doug Finley and the American draft dodger Tom Flanagan offered Chuck Cadman a bribe on behalf of Herr Harper. Doug Finley was again involved in the, ” in / out scheme ” , which saw at least a million US oil cartel $ used in illegal election advertising. Quietly, Harper pleaded guilty [ recent past ].

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