Loved to canoe thru the canals at encanto!

Loved to canoe thru the canals at encanto!

Omg the memories. It was 1968, I was 5. My mom and new step-dad moved to Phx from Denver. We started in South Phx on Central and ultimately ended up in a neighborhood at 35th avenue and Thomas. I remember in 7th grade walking thru a farm field surrounded by industrial warehouses that sprung up around it to Isaac Jr High on 35th and Roosevelt. My first real job was as a dishwasher at Lunt Ave Marble Club, I was. 16. Wow so many memories ty so much! And OMG Pete’s fish an chips on Friday night for dinner! The school carnivals. Walking from 16th st. And Buckeye at 4am on sunday mornings to go fishing for blue gill at encanto park. Man those really were the good old days. Life was simple. Kids were safe to walk almost anywhere at anytime of day for the most part. What happened to our society?

Also an ice cream place that had the best waffle cones and they mixed the toppings into the ice cream

I lived in Phx from 1968 when I was 5 til 1981 at 18 and joined the military. Went to P.T. Coe elem. On 39th’ish an thomas but lived in Tempe during High School yrs so attended Tempe High. Ended up back in Colorado where I’ll enjoy life to the good lord calls me home 🙂

I also played video games at an arcade near fiesta mall

Put’N’Take, Yellowfront, Sandy’s hamburgers, Lew’s Rangers, Madison Square Gardens, and KPHO carrying three networks as the only TV station in town. Art Brock was the main «on air» personality. Our first house (1951) was on Lareral 14 (27th Ave) before we move to Maryvale Terrace in 1955.

Freddie’s on the wash. The Monastery on Camelback. When my parents first moved to Scottsdale, we had the house that was the farthest east – east of our house was the Pima Indian res. Super concert with Sugar Loaf, Jethro Tull, and Leon Russel. And Ranch House hamburgers with the best slaw burgers (across from Scottsdale High school).

The Suns did not steal the gorilla from you. They stole it from Eastern Onion Singing Telegram Service. Fans would order telegrams to be done at the games in all kinds of costumes and the owner of Eastern Onion told the messenger who happened to be in the gorilla costume to stay and interact with the crowd. Jerry Collangelo saw an opportunity and hired the messenger away from Eastern Onion.

So who did the Eastern Onion Singing Telegram Service steal the gorilla idea from? I contend the gorilla was first seen at Issac Newton’s Notorious Falling Apple Saloon, my nightclub in Tempe. I think I’ll continue to claim the Suns gorilla was stolen from me, possibly through this Eastern Onion outfit. This is all good fun and I was quite pleased to see MaGilla grow into a national celebrity. I still have his yellow felt banana in a box somewhere.

It was I dressed as Frank many nights. It was also playing on Mill Ave in Scottsdale. I met Tim Curry when he stayed at Dell Webb townhouse in Phx. He was there for his first concert tour.

I lived in Mesa in 86-86. I didn’t have a car so I walked everywhere. There used to be Tacoma hookup site a homestyle type restaurant at the corner of Alma School and Baseline Road, across from the Jack in the box. Does anyone know the names of these places??

OK, how about the rock shows at the Odyssey Theater on McDowell Rd. I saw The Men from Uranus (early Tubes), Cactus, and Zephyr to name a few. They don’t have rock clubs like that anymore!

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