Mental health and you will polygamy: New Syrian case

Mental health and you will polygamy: New Syrian case

Correspondence to help you: Alean Al-Krenawi, Chairman off Achva Instructional School and Teacher during the Institution regarding Public Functions, Ben-Gurion College or university of the Negev, PO Box 653, Beer Sheva 84105, Israel.


AIM: To examine the latest emotional, self-regard (SE), family relations setting best latin dating sites, relationship satisfaction, life pleasure and degree of contract toward practice of polygamy certainly one of polygamous women with a processing category from monogamous women in Syria.

METHODS: Benefits sample out-of 136 people, 64 out-of which was spouses inside the polygamous ous marriage ceremonies took part in this study. A great snowball form of testing was utilized, presented from the student regional girls students taught to collect research in respect so you can culturally skilled actions. The second search products have been deployed: the outward symptoms number-90, the new Rosenberg SE, the life span Pleasure, family members mode and you may relationship satisfaction.

RESULTS: Findings indicated that women in polygamous marriage ceremonies educated all the way down SE, quicker life pleasure, quicker relationship pleasure and more psychological state symptomatology than ladies in monogamous marriage ceremonies. Certain mental health periods was indeed different; notable have been raised somatization, depression, hostility and psychoticism and their general seriousness list are high. Furthermore, “very first partner disorder” was checked-out during the polygamous parents, researching very first having next and you will 3rd spouses inside polygamous marriages. Results showed that first spouses stated with the alot more family relations issues, reduced SE, significantly more nervousness, a great deal more paranoid ideation, and much more psychoticism than just second and 3rd wives.

CONCLUSION: This type of answers are most readily useful understood as a consequence of thought of your socio-social and you may economic insights facing this type of female. Ramifications getting mental health routine, coverage and extra browse was talked about.


With regards to the Ethnographic Atlas Codebook, of your own 1231 communities that were studied, 453 got unexpected polygamy, 588 got more frequent polygyny. Particularly, polygamous organizations can be found for the Algeria, Benin, Chad, Congo, Ghana, Togo, Tanzania, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the latest Joined Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kuwait, and you may Michael jordan, certainly fringe Mormon organizations in the united states out-of America, and you can native organizations into the Canada[3-7]. Furthermore, within this point in time of globalization polygamy became even more popular into the each other Europe and you may North america. Real study regarding the range away from polygamy is limited. However, we know that the percentage of more youthful people (age 20 to 29 decades) employed in polygamous unions for the Africa may differ commonly out-of nation to country, out-of 8% during the Lesotho to help you thirty five% for the Senegal.

Usually, of numerous points have been understood that appear so you’re able to perpetuate polygamy. Centered on Dorjahn, males possess highest mortality rates than just females because of situation, warfare, together with occupational dangers of bing search, water angling, migrant work, or other points. One can infer that the large death price of males y. One to examination of the latest Ngwa Igbo for the Nigeria enjoys known four earliest aspects of guys to train polygamy; it allows the fresh Ngwa husband: (1) features as many college students when he loves; (2) intensify his prestige and improve his pride among his co-workers; (3) promote their updates in the people; (4) be sure enough functioning hands to execute the desired farm work and you will other work; and (5) fulfill his intimate cravings. In-between East, one to chance grounds for poor psychological state certainly one of many girls y. Regardless if real analysis out-of the real prevalence commonly available, polygamous ily construction around East. One to factor to have polygamy in the middle East are embodied during the Islam as the a religion that enables men to help you y Muslim thinkers insist you to definitely men should be fair to their spouses. One aspect out-of fair treatment centers with the purchasing Al-Qaradawi.

The fresh new basic considerations revolving around polygamous group into the Muslim Arab community was varied. Polygamous spouses elizabeth house, or even in independent home. An elderly wife is defined as one partnered girl who’s with another partner regarding wedding. Good “junior spouse” is the most current spouse signing up for brand new ily design pushes cooperation within spouses about family errands plus the sphere (inside rural areas), while they’re susceptible to brand new husband’s power plus constant battle more than their love, notice and you can financial resources[fifteen,16].

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