Then when Matt [ another Harper Youth ], returned there was all this info on his computer bank

Then when Matt [ another Harper Youth ], returned there was all this info on his computer bank


A Harper youth in the Guelph Fascist headquarters bought a burner phone which couldn’t be traced. Why would a worker for the Government Party have a untraceable phone? And run up costs that never appeared on Burke’s expanses? That flies in the face of open and honest elections? Someone in the Guelph office was given information on Liberal voters in that riding and in at least 39 other closely fought ridings across the Country by the PMO in Ottawa. This was paign office. The burner guy, using another guys computer in Guelph, called Rack9 in Calgary but Matt Meier wasn’t at home. I suspect that Nick Kouvalis set up Matt’s home communications centre, probably paid for by the US oil cartel.

Gee whiz, then all of this stuff got programmed into the Robo Call system but our wiz kid Matt didn’t bother reading any of it. By golley, gee willikers. Our Rack9er is probably too busy now riding around in his new Corvette for the Bribed media to catch up with him. So hundreds of Liberals were cheated out of their vote but who do we blame? Pierre Poilievre MP, yet another wimp and oft heard mouthpiece from Harper responded to the story of the Fascist MP for Labrador, Peter Penashue bought his riding. Harper’s boy spent way over the limit. Penashue walked away with the seat and paid no price for breaking the law. Just to prosecute and levy weekend jail terms and ten dollar fines Elections Canada needs ABSOLUTE proof of wrongdoing.

Now, at great expense they have stolen a phony / slim majority

Art Hamilton and the fascists insiders had put that beyond reach by sweeping all of the 2011 election tactics. Poilievre said when confronted, you CAN’T PROVE IT. And that is just point, all traces of Steve Harper’s dirty tricks and Robo Calls etc have been made to disappear. It is called Obstruction of Justice in the real world, very serious. Do a crime, then cover all the traces as Art Hamilton did. This is one of the reasons Black went to jail. Political parties in Canada don’t engage in this kind of activity but US oil cartels does. The American vote supressionists must think Canadians are pure rubes. Having such loosey goosey election laws was almost too good to be true for them. As a result Steve’sYanks made big money hijacking democracy in Canada in 2011 and left not a trace.

To add to Borys’ woes this was not a fair fight. The financial clout of one individual was put up against the US oil cartel which generates $ 250 billion in profit each year. The cartel is prepared to spend whatever it takes to emasculate Canada and dilly dally with Western oil and gas as it sees fit. Filth and CO2 is not on their screen. Even if the landscape and environment of Alberta gets totally destroyed. Mind the people of the Province would have at least gotten to live in mud huts, existing on gruel and tailing pond water, paid for with meger oil royalties. The cartel has spent a considerable amount of money buying a series of minority Harper Governments.

They will not let go of it easily. The cartel needed an Opitz victory badly, even if almost everyone involved [ Harper, Government, cartel, the examine this site RCMP and bribed media ] was on the cartel payroll [ except the CBC ]. We have 3 By-Elections coming up. If Harper loses all three, his VERY SLIM majority could be reduced to just 4 seats. Steve has NO MANDATE TO INTRODUCE SUCH MAJOR CHANGES TO THE CANADIAN SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT AS WE ARE NOW SEEING. There is considerable unrest afoot in Himself’s Fascist ranks. Those who are Red Tories like me are getting tired of making like trained seals. The citizenry has a lot more clout at this time than they imagine.

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